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What to Ask When Starting Your Next Video Project

Video production is a big investment in both time and money. You don't want to waste any resources going after the wrong audience, telling the wrong story or creating content that will get lost the shuffle. So, it's important to ask yourself a few questions before you even begin a new project.

Ask your basic Who, What, Where and How questions:

  1. Who is the target audience? Deciding on a targeted audience will help bring focus to style, message and overall tone of the video. A tailored message is always more effective and makes for a better video overall.
  2. What is the intended goal of the video? I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but starting with a simple goal will keep you focused while developing the concept for the video.
  3. Where will video be viewed by the audience? Where a video will live once created is a very important thing to consider in the early stages. The answer to this question can effect overall video length, tempo, whether or not to add subtitles, and other important factors. For instance, a video that will live on social media might look completely different from a trade show video, etc.
  4. How do you want to tell the story? Whether it be through an animated, interview-based, VR/360, or narrative video; a story can be told in many different ways. The main thing to consider is how to convey the main message of the video to the viewer in the most effective and visually engaging way possible.

Taking a little extra time up front can make all the difference with a video production project. Answering these questions before you start your next project will lead to a larger return on your video investment, not only by making sure you aren't wasting time or money, but by creating a more effective and engaging video.

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