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What I've Learned So Far... James Miller

It’s difficult for me to put everything that I’ve learned during my first six months here at Pritt Entertainment Group into words. I was fortunate to begin my time with the PEG team right at the start of 2019, so at least from a calendar standpoint it’s very easy to track how long I’ve been here. From a non-calendar, memory-based standpoint, it’s hard for it not to feel like longer.

Now, I know this might sound like a bad thing, but really it’s because I’ve grown so much in my short time here that it’s hard for me to believe that it hasn’t been a longer amount of time. I look back on every project that I’ve worked on while here and I can think of so many things that I’ve learned in each one. Upon each project’s completion I could look back and feel how I had improved – be it in filming techniques, editing procedures – really any area of the production process.

With each of these leaps in knowledge also came the realization that there’s even more out there to learn and experiment with. This doesn’t discourage me though, because I look forward to learning new techniques and incorporating new ideas into each new, upcoming project. One of the aspects that I love most about working at PEG is being able to work on such a wide variety of projects for numerous clients.

In my six months alone, I’ve been able to work with professional sports teams, innovative businesses that design and sell unique products, as well as non-profits that are working to improve their communities and the people in them. Having such a diverse workload means that I’ve been able to vastly sharpen my skills while creating pieces that I’m truly proud of. It’s not just our clients that’ve been a catalyst for my growth over these last six months either. Being surrounded by coworkers that are passionate about what they do everyday and really apply that passion into their work is continually inspiring. I know that if I need help on a shoot, an opinion on an edit or have a question on anything in the industry, I can count on them to work with me to get the best result.

These people aren’t just work acquaintances, but I consider them my friends. Whether it’s attending a local event, playing volleyball or grabbing some post-shoot Swensons, I always love hanging out with our team. Reflecting on everything that I’ve learned in the first half of the year makes me excited to see how much I’ll grow in the second half and beyond. I feel incredibly lucky to work somewhere where I can’t predict exactly what the day will bring. Again, this is something that might sound bad, but believe me when I say that I love it.

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