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My Editing Playlist: Brianna

I don't like silence. At home, at work, in the car – doesn't matter. I am listening to something all the time. But my playlist varies from day to day. I can pretty much break it down into 3 main categories.


I became a huge fan of podcasts a few years back. When in doubt, that's what's playing in my headphones. I started out with things like "This American Life" (the ultimate gateway podcast) and "Comedy Bang Bang". Over the years, my list has grown to no less than 30 different podcasts. Everything from industry news to comedy, TV show recaps to true crime. There is literally a podcast for everything. (I say as I listen to a podcast that breaks down and critiques the 90s sitcom Full House episode by episode. Because, why not?) Do you have recommendations? I want to hear them. I can't get enough podcast.

Pop Music 

I am a sucker for pop music. I don't listen to the radio, but my Spotify is always up and ready to go. The Discover Weekly lists and the Daily Mixes are just fantastic options if I don't want to make decisions. And they are tailored just for me, which I obviously love. If it's a Friday, I'll go right to the New Releases section. From those, I usually pull different songs into my own playlists so I can go back and listen to them later. (There is nothing worse than liking a song from your Discovery Weekly and never being able to find them again.)

Movie Scores

This category is specifically for when I need something without words – times when I need to concentrate. Recently, I have been listening to a Spotify playlist that is all movie scores. My biggest recommendation I can give here is this: If you are having a bad day and feeling unproductive, LISTEN TO A MOVIE SCORE WHILE YOU WORK. Everything you do is instantaneously more epic. It's incredible. Whether you are saving the world or maybe just sitting at your desk writing blog posts, having the perfect soundtrack is crucial.

So, what are you listening to? What is on your workday soundtrack? 

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