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My Creative Inspiration: D.J.

I’ve always been one to think a little out of the box, out of the ordinary, and out of the realm of possibility at times. But that’s what keeps life interesting - thinking about what is currently “impossible” and making it possible! I have found that most of the time creativity is throttled by pessimistic attitudes, roadblocks, unsupportive surroundings, and thinking of ways to say “No” instead of finding ways to say “Yes!”

Capture the Creativity

When it’s time for me to put my creative hat on, I have found that inspiration can take many different forms and comes to me in many different ways. A lot of inspiration comes to me from my surroundings. Whether it’s in the office, at home, sitting in traffic, watching the game, or just walking down the street. It can come out of nowhere, and knowing when to capture a thought or explore one more is important to creativity and the entire process.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

I find that I am most creative and able to think clearly when I am in environments I feel comfortable. People thrive when they are supported by colleagues, friends, family, and people who just want them to “win.” When like-minded people connect, they thrive off of each other and the creativity flows like the Cuyahoga River!

The one big piece of advice I can give those who may be feeling “stuck” or in a creative rut is to surround yourself with people you are comfortable with, environments that breed positivity, and thoughts that give you the most positive outlook to the road ahead!

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