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My Editing Playlist: Emily

In rare moments when I am not interacting with our clients or internal team, I will look to music and podcasts to help inspire and motivate me throughout the day. If you’re looking for a new artist or podcast to listen to during your workday, here are few of my favorites to help you get started:


I love a lot of different genres of music, but my favorite artists to listen to when I am working is Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Ellie Goulding, to name a few. I find their voices very soothing, which keeps me in a positive headspace throughout the day. If I am craving a distraction-free environment, I will find any instrumental playlist to fill the silence while I work. While I gravitate more towards soft and soothing music during the workday, I am most likely listening to country music driving to and from the office on the radio or Spotify. My favorite country artists to listen to besides the country queen herself, Shania Twain, are Luke Combs, Russell Dickerson, and Kelsea Ballerini! They all have very different sounds, which I really enjoy.


Just like my taste in music, my taste in podcasts is also at opposite ends of the spectrum. I am a huge fan of The Office. I have watched the show from start to finish about 10 times! If you can relate, the Office Ladies podcast is for you. Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsley (Angela Martin) break down each episode of the series. And they include exclusive details of what it was like to be on the show. Another one of my favorites is Armchair Expert hosted by comedian, actor, and yes, Kristin Bell’s husband, Dax Shepard. Every Monday and Thursday he releases interviews with celebrities, authors, scientists, and many more to discuss a variety of honest and thoughtful topics. It’s truly is a podcast for everyone. Speaking of podcasts for everyone, TED Talks Daily, is my go-to when I want to listen to a podcast, but don’t have a lot of time. They are short, but very informative and inspirational. I would highly recommend listening to an episode before starting your day. It will exercise your brain and will give you the boost of motivation you need for a successful day of work!

Do you have playlists or podcasts that inspire or motivate you throughout your workday? If so, I want to know about them! 

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