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Can Any Footage Be Slow Motion?


Short answer is - no, not all footage can be turned into slow motion. So it's important to capture the footage correctly from the start! 

Video Transcript

Hey guys, and welcome back to Lights. Camera. Answers. I'm David and today we're talking about slow motion footage. The question specifically is "can I make any footage slow motion?" and the short answer that is no. But it really just depends on how you shot your footage.

The biggest rule of thumb to remember is footage frames per second in needs to be greater than the frames per second out. And what I mean by that is the export or the output of your video needs to have a lower frame rate than the video that you're putting into it if you're trying to make it slow motion so for example your footage if you want to slow it down by two times if you're exporting in 24 frames per second, which is standard cinema movie frame rate, you'd want 48 frames per second because 48 divided by 2 is 24. You can go higher you can do 60, you can do 120. Really the sky's the limit as long as your camera can handle it. And i'm going to put an example on the screen right now of what would happen if your frames per second was slower than your output. And it does not look great. It's going to be very choppy, it won't look natural. And that's why for you as the client it's really important to let us know what you want in your video, that way from day one we can be shooting everything properly.

Well that about wraps it up for us here. Don't forget to visit us at Pritt Entertainment Group dot com and follow us on social. Thanks.

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