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Behind the Lens - Ryan Pritt

We are getting to know our team by having them give a little context to some of their favorite photos.

First up is President and Co-Founder – Ryan Pritt – for his look Behind the Lens!


Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Ryan Pritt and this is a look Behind the Lens.

So this is a photo of me doing the on-camera hosting for the Cleveland Indians, of course, they're now the Guardians, at Progressive Field. I loved baseball ever since I was a young kid so this job was really special to me I did everything at the Ballpark from the on-camera hosting to PA announcing, music, graphics, you name it. Was a whole lot of fun and got to watch many, many baseball games over the years.

This is a picture recently from a trip that my girlfriend Kelli and I took to Yellowstone National Park. And super amazing trip, We love the travel. I've actually been to 49 out of the 50 states. Hawaii is the only one left on my list ,but hopefully gonna hit that one up soon.

This is a picture with the Calder Cup. So this was for my time doing PA announcing for the Cleveland Monsters in the American Hockey League played a Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. We won The Calder Cup in 2016. Was a whole lot of fun and got to go on the ice after we won it and hold it up. So still one of my favorite experiences in sports and I'm just glad I didn't drop it.

Next picture here is from some of the work we've done over the years producing football games the InfoCision Stadium for the University of Akron. I'm actually an Akron grad, graduated there in 2008. So it's always really really cool for me to get to be able to do this and I still get to be a part of my alma mater years later.

This is a picture of me hiking recently in Seattle with Johnny Greco. And we've worked with Johnny here at PEG for all kinds of projects. He is one of my favorite creative people in the entire world. We've done stuff with the Vegas Golden Knights, here in Cleveland, the University of Akron, the Seattle Kraken, you name it. He's one of my like forever creative partners. Love him and always love getting to catch up and spend time doing fun things together.

This next picture is from when I was in Japan feeding an otter, as you can see, who was very hungry. If you know me you know that I love otters. I've got a bunch of different plush otters, little otter figurines in my office. The sea otter is my favorite, but river otters are pretty cool, too.

This is a picture of my girlfriend, Kelli, and I in Chicago. So we actually have a place in Chicago. We spend most of our time here in Akron, but as a little getaway we like to explore Chicago. All kinds of great food and drink options. We love it there. Kayaking the river one of our favorite things and just taking the view. It's such a great City.

This is a picture of me, coincidentally wearing the exact same shirt that I'm wearing right now, with the Emmy Award that we won in 2021. That was for the Akronite app video we did for the City of Akron. Super cool. There's not a lot of times in life that you can get a chance to say you won an Emmy Award so it is still proudly sitting in my living room to this day.

Well, that's all the pictures we have for today, and that's a look Behind the Lens.

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