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Behind the Lens - Marty Roth

Catching fish, earning coins at Pinehurst and capturing walk-off wins. Go Behind the Lens with Marty and get a look at some of his favorite personal and professional moments.


Video Transcript:

All right. Marty. Behind the Lens.

So this picture is me and my mother. She is my partner in crime when it comes to concerts. I hope you're not watching this, but she's getting up there in age. But she is my metal buddy. She rocks harder than anybody I know and I love her to death.

So this is one of my favorite shoots that we've done. This is a commercial shoot that we did for Smith's Dairy and I had a very special job on this shoot. I was the certified dropper of the cherry. And we thought this might take honestly the entire day, but I nailed it and I think my second take. And we did it so many times that we had the perfect shot picked out. So it's one of my favorite shoots and I got to play with ice cream all day.

This picture here is me at Myrtle Beach. Really it's Murrells Inlet, just outside of Myrtle Beach, but it's one of the best fishing spots in the world. You can get fresh water, brackish water, any kind of fish you really want. Here I was going fishing for Goliath red fish and some goliath grouper, if we were lucky enough. But, unfortunately, I didn't catch anything too big, other than about 100 lb Stingray and an over 50 lb bull shark. So not exactly what we wanted, but you know I'll take it.

This is one of the favorite pictures at the office. Why do people love it? Because I have my hair up. It's just not something I do very often, but whenever I have my hair up it's kind of a spectacle in the office. So you're one of the lucky few to see Marty with this hair up.

This is one of my favorite pictures from one of my favorite vacations I've taken. Me and my dad, we like to go and golf a lot. So we went to Pinehurst. If you don't know Pinehurst, it's probably the birthplace of American Golf. I've been there twice. My first time I got to play number two by myself and I put a pretty dang good score up there. I got a birdie by myself. And then the second time I went back, I got a solo eagle and a birdie on a par three at Pinehurst number two. And if you know about that means, you get a special coin. So I have a special coin to show that I'm just that good at golf.

Now this is probably one of my favorite shoots that we've done. This is one of the playoff shoots that we did for the Cleveland Guardians. We won in the ninth inning against the New York Yankees in walk-off fashion. It was nice to be there working, and also as a fan. And it's also nice to watch them beat the Yankees.

Thanks for stopping in and looking Behind the Lens with me. I'll catch you later. 

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