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5 Things We've Been Watching: August 2020

5 Things We've Been Watching : August 2020

We love video here at PEG (obviously) and talk about it pretty much non-stop. So, we wanted to share with you five things that caught our eye, started a conversation or gave us a little inspiration over the last month.  

Hockey Tape | Apple

Watch It Here Why it’s a thing: These shot on iPhone commercials always look nice. But this one was a great example of how finding the right person/people for a spot can really go a long way. And that can go for both user-generated content or pieces with a video shoot. Does this work as well with a different player? Maybe, maybe not. Plus, with only having two people on camera - and in theory only two people on set total - its easy to pull off something like this in a COVID time where everyone is keeping crews small.  

The Truth Is Worth It Series | The New York Times & Droga5

Watch Them Here Why it’s a thing: A text driven piece can be VERY powerful - especially when the client is The Gray Lady herself, The New York Times. These spots take you through an important recent story as told through a developing headline and ending with the final headline that ran in the New York Times. It is a very interesting way to show how the headlines, and the story themselves, change and grow as they get more information and dig deeper into the truth.  

How 'The Mandalorian' Score Found The New 'Star Wars' Sound

Watch It Here Why it’s a thing: This piece got a spot on the list for two reasons. One - it's always fun to watch a creative person talk about their process and how they work. Two - it's a great look into how a person willing to provide some seriously great user-generated content can really change the game. This video subject clearly gave the editors different angles, different backgrounds and different looks that really help the final spot more interesting that a single, direct to computer camera capture for 8+ minutes.  

Better | Nike

Watch It Here Why it’s a thing: Another month, another example of Nike knocking it out of the park. Done by anyone else this would feel like a basic montage video, but this is transformed into a unique video through a Kendrick Lamar voice over that somehow perfectly captures a spirit of being better. Kobe was far more than basketball and this videos is far more than a Nike spot.  

Love you, Eugene | Schitt's Creek

Watch It Here Why it’s a thing: This is certainly not the first of these online awards dedications or acceptance speeches and it wont be the last. So, it's been interesting to see how they are getting created. This one was fun because while the guests in the piece are clearly pre-recorded and provided, Eugene Levy's side is "live" and creates a genuine and authentic moment that can sometimes be missing if it's not captured in the moment. Great combination of things, while still keeping it simple and easy.  

Honorable Mentions

Jason Momoa's YouTube Channel San Francisco 1906 Behind the Scenes of My Short Films | Kevin James Shelter in Place | Matthew Beck  


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