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5 Things We've Been Watching: June 2020

5 Things We've Been Watching : June 2020

We love video here at PEG (obviously) and talk about it pretty much non-stop. So, we wanted to share with you five things that caught our eye, started a conversation or gave us a little inspiration over the last month.  

Behind The Doodle - Juneteenth | Google

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: It's always fun to watch a creative process come to life. This behind-the-scenes look at the recent Juneteenth Google Doodle is as wonderful as the doodle itself. The doodle was not a just thrown together, it was researched and carefully curated and it clearly shows in the final piece. Sometimes these doodles are just a fun, creative thing Google puts on its page, but other times it's a beautiful way to help spread the word and educate people on one of the biggest platforms in the world.  

 "Moon" (Official Video) | Kid Francescoli

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: This video is from 2017, but this song is making a comeback as a current trend on TikTok, so we were watching the original video - which is insanely creative. It's all done with paper. Yes, paper. And its colorful and bright and a beautiful way of doing an animated-style piece that you don't see very often. There are countless mediums out there that you can use to tell a story - so don't even be afraid to try something different!  

There's Nothing Beyond Our Capacity | Joe Biden

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: We have all seen A LOT of COVID-19 related spots recently. This one stood out to us because it felt a little different. Between the personal, phone-call-driven VO and the well-done text on screen to supplement the stock photo-y feel of the images, it had a lightness and a heart that a lot of the other pieces we have seen. And it didn't use the words "in these unprecedented times" – which is always a plus.  

Inside the Browns' gradual return to their facilities | Cleveland Browns

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: Again, this is a video we have seen quite a few of these "reopening" videos. But we liked this one in particular. It feels very on brand for the Browns, but is also very informative. It feels like the right tone for the moment - optimistic and looking towards the future, but still careful and full of policy. It's a fine line right now that all brands are trying to walk and some are doing better than others.  

Baseball Is Back | Various Teams

Watch Indians HereWatch Red Sox Here

Why it’s a thing: We are REALLY missing sports. So, it's been exciting to see the return of leagues for many, many reasons. One of the reasons, through, is seeing how teams are approaching the milestone announcements. Each team has their own way of doing it - some funny, some serious - but certainly each going for a unique and memorable piece. And we are sure there are many more great sports videos to come as creative teams get back into full swing (baseball puns intended!)  


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