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3 Ways to Reuse B-Roll Footage

Over the last 12+ years, we  have filmed a lot of b-roll. Well, maybe not right now, but typically, we film a lot of b-roll. Whether intentional or not, oftentimes we actually end up having a pretty…

Industry Philosophy

Getting To Know: David Stephenson

Hey everyone, I'm David. And today I'm going to tell you a little bit about me, what it means to be a Producer here at PEG and about the quest to perfect my pizza recipe.…

Company Culture

Do You Still Have My Footage?

Weeks? Months? Years? Exactly how long do we keep your footage on our servers? Jeffrey has the answer for you on today's Lights. Camera. Answers.…


You Need A Video, Now What?

You need a video. Now What?Well, you’ve come to the right place (I’m only slightly biased). Every video project is different. But here at PEG, we are going to work with you to answer a few basic…

Industry Philosophy