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University of Akron Athletics "A” Logo Reveal

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Video Transcript

Akron. It's not just our university. Not just our city. It's a part of us. It's who we are. For more than 150 years, this university has been a cornerstone of the Akron community.

From fall Saturdays at the Rubber Bowl and the echoes of Memorial Hall to today's modern facilities and rejuvenated campus, our history is strong. Our tradition is rich and our loyalty is unwavering. 

We've experienced amazing accomplishments and endured tough challenges, but inspired by the industries that built us, we always bounce back. And today, we're reimagining who we are as a university. Who we are as a city. We're on the rise. And Zips rise together.

We're a storied institution, a revitalized campus, a community, a school of champions. The "A" has always defined us. It honors our past and propels us into the future. Together, we are Akron. And this "A" stands for all of us.