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UA Alumni Association 2021 Birthday Video

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Video Transcript

Hi, Willy Kollman with the University of Akron Alumni Association, joined by everybody's favorite marsupial mascot, Zippy. Say "hi," Zippy. Excellent. Zippy and I are here to wish you a special happy birthday and we figured what better way to get the party started and a nice gift from the heart. We are going to bake you a delicious birthday cake baked With Zips Pride.

All right. So we've got all the ingredients gathered here on the table, at least I think we do, Zippy. Excellent. So with the oven already preheated, what I'm going to do is read off the recipe to you and you follow along exactly as I read them to you. Okay? Excellent. All right, so the first step is add two full sticks of butter to the mixing bowl. Next one cup of sugar and mix them together. Next you want to put a little vanilla extract in there. Then add four eggs. Okay next add the flour and sprinkle in some salt. And, uh, next one tablespoon of baking soda and lastly one cup of milk.

We'll mix that all up and we'll pour it in the cake pan. Got that, Zippy? All right, cool. All right, so next we should be able to take the ingredients...

Wow. Wow.

Uh, this is great. We'll go ahead and take everything and put it into the cake pan. Throw it in the oven and see what happens next. Zippy look we did it! It's a miracle, isn't it? All right here hold this, hold this. Don't drop it. Dn't eat it, don't eat it. All right, hold it up. And show them show them.

On behalf of the University of Akron Alumni Association, Zippy and I want to wish you a special happy birthday and, as always, go Zips!