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United Way In, With and For Our Community

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Video Transcript

Get a job. Just rent an apartment. You should have gone to school. Don't be lazy. You clearly misunderstood. Work harder.

They tell me to get a job, but those people don't know how long it takes to ride the bus. They don't realize it's either paying rent or paying for a Lyft ride. They don't know what it's like navigating a broken system. Sure, help is out there, but it's hard to reach. And when you do need help, people make it seem like you shouldn't use the assistance. It makes you feel like you failed. They tell me to get a job. Navigating the system is my job.

That's where we come in.

We understand what people are going through. We know the system isn't helping the way it should. It wasn't designed to be easy. United Way of Summit and Medina is building a better system. One that puts people at the center. A system that breaks down the barriers that prevent people from getting help.

And where we walk side-by-side with those who need us the most. From the first call, to the first appointment, to achieving lasting stability, we're here every step of the way. No one should have to struggle to find help. No one should have to endure poverty. It takes a system that meets people where they're at and supports them until they've found success.

This is a system our community needs, the one our community deserves.

And United Way of Summit and Medina is building that system.