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The Refreshinq Co. Never Quit Videos

The Result

The videos were a huge success, and were viewed by millions of people in markets all across America. The campaign ran in the following markets: Cleveland, Denver, Portland, Austin, Orange County, Columbus, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Seattle and Pittsburgh.

Facebook, YouTube and Hulu: 7,233,885 Impressions

YouTube, Hulu Desktop, Hulu TV and Hulu Mobile: 1,038,985 Video Views

These impressive numbers helped kickstart the launch of the brand, and got The RefreshinQ Co. immense exposure to the target audiences that they were looking to reach.

Read the full The RefreshinQ Co. Never Quit Videos Case Study here. 

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Video Transcript

I will never quit pushing my limits. I will never quit trying new poses. I will never quit striving for greatness. I will never quit taking my work out to new heights. I will never quit until I qualify for regionals. I will never quit. I will never quit. I will never quit. I will never quit. I will never quit. I will never quit. I will never quit.

Imagine what you can do. Get up, lace up and put up with everything your workout or workload throws at you. The Refreshinq Company combines personalized science with your wellness goals to provide the supplements you need, when you need it. Join the movement online.