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Can I get my RAW footage?


Short Answer - Yes, we can provide you with RAW files from your shoot. But as Jeffrey explains on this episode of Lights. Camera. Answers., that might not be the most helpful. Our team will always make sure you are getting the most useful (and easiest for you to use) file type for you.


 Video Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to another edition of Lights. Camera. Answers. I'm Jeffrey Pritt with PEG. A question we get all the time is "Can I get my rRAW footage?" and the short answer to that is yes, absolutely. At PEG we're happy to provide your RAW footage from your video shoot at any time. Now, something to consider when thinking about RAW footage is there is a little bit of complexity to it, and let me explain.

Most people nowadays are used to getting footage like what they get off their smartphone. Well that's called pre-graded. The colors look exactly how you expect them to look, the audio synchronized. Very simple, very easy to work with. For us to get maximum flexibility in post when working on your video project, we shoot to a variety of different formats some of which include things like these RED cards. And those are really more data files than they are video files. There's also complexities such as our FS7s or a7s, our large format sensor camera, shoots at something called log that gives us more flexibility and post to make your image look perfect ,but it does mean that when you look at it without knowing what it is, it's gonna feel kind of grayscale and kind of muddy. And it is able to be put into an image that you're used to seeing, obviously, that's how we get the end product to you. But you just need to know how to work with those workflows.

Rest assured, no matter what format you'd like it and we can provide you your RAW footage or if you'd like you can always talk with us and we can provide you the footage in a more user-friendly, pre-color graded format that you're able to work with just like footage off of your smartphone.

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