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Video Ideas for People Tired of Video Calls

There have been quite a few phases to the great transition from in-person meetings to video calls. First, it was companies adapting to work from home were wondering. Lots of “How are we still going to communicate, meet, give updates without the bore and impersonalization of emails and texts?” From there, we struggled to learn the ins and outs of different platforms. “How do I download this?” “Can you see me?” "You're on mute." We got to know each other quickly and saw plenty of embarrassing at home moments - kids running around, wide shots showing a lack of real pants and the some infamous animal photobombs. Until, eventually, we became experts on camera. Or at least as close as we all could be. We learned how to not only meet virtually, but record messages to send to team members or customers across the world. These felt like the safest way to have your owner, CEO or other staffers to give an interview-style video, giving updates and accolades, or reassuring everyone with an uplifting message. For a while - they were very effective. But we have reached yet another phase. Just like anything, this style of video started to get a little stale. The "Zoom Fatigue" is real. We’ve seen these same videos now hundreds of times. Webcam on the bottom right corner behind presentation slides. Hollow-sounding laptop microphones. Brady Bunch-style talking heads. At some point, ease of production shouldn’t trump over the potential for a viewer to become disengaged because of the constant repeat viewing. Well, luckily there is a video production team out there who not only keeps covid safety and logistics top of mind, but is also ready to be a creative and knowledgeable partner to help you develop the right video to help you stand out AND effectively communicate a message. (You probably know which team we are talking about.) We are here to give you some video ideas to help break the monotony and make an impact with everyone tired of video calls.

Showing off Your People

Updates or messages from a CEO or management are so important in communicating with your team and letting everyone know where things are or where things are going. But sitting through a Zoom style video can be just as monotonous as the eight other video calls you had that week, maybe even that day! Everyone is looking for something fresh and new. Something that makes this message feel important, professional and different. You’d be surprised how effective the right video equipment, video techniques, and video story-telling methods are and how they can bring your viewer in and make them feel connected. From professional lighting and lenses to different backdrops and framing ideas, there are ways to make your subject really standout.

Showing Off Your Space

Or let's say you need to show off a renovation project, introduce a new exhibit or give a facility tour. The visual quality for something like is just as important, if not more important, than having a person on-camera look good. Showing quick cell phone pictures in a presentation like this won’t do it justice. In times where the general public's ability to visit might be limited, this presents some unique and open flexibility when it comes to acquiring footage without much people traffic. Plus, if the space can’t be visited in person, the feeling of exploration can be really important. Our DJI Ronin-2 gimbal system can create smooth and scenic shots to get the viewer feeling like they are walking through spaces. Our DJI Inspire 2 drone can capture stunning visuals from not only the air, but a safe distance. And our GoPro Fusion 360 allows the viewer the ability to explore in a completely virtual and immersive experience. All of these ideas can show off the space in high-resolution and captivate the viewer so they get the 2nd best possible experience - other than physically being there.

Showing Off Your Story

In most of these video calls, meeting leaders are telling stories or giving data to the viewers through just their words. In the middle of a 30-minute call, this important information might get lost or not get the special attention it needs. Not only can we help share this data or tell these stories in a more captivating way with interviews and b-roll, we can also add creative visuals and effects that reflect the feelings and information being shared. We can gather new content or use existing photos to highlight these special moments. A good story needs to be told in an engaging way. Tell it creatively and with passion! But it doesn't have to stop there. We can rework backgrounds and presentation slides into custom, stylish, interactive branded graphic elements that add a personalization to your videos that really make it unique. 

Other Unique, Custom Video Options


We touched on it above, but 360 video is more accessible than ever and creates a fun and immersive experience for clients and visitors that you can't get with traditional video styles.

First-Person POV Video I

nstead of looking at someone else's point of view in a video, what if the viewer could experience it first hand? Using a custom-built camera rig, we have created pieces that captivate with this unique way of viewing a video - almost through your own eyes.

Animated Video

And of course, we always love a good animated piece. It allows you to create a world and take viewers there no matter what is going on outside. The options are limitless and can be customized and stylized to match your brand and your message.   Not too long ago, we were all really proud just learning how to communicate virtually. But as we continue to learn and progress, we don't need to settle for the same monotonous videos each and every day. Let's get creative, not only in the stories we will, but how we are telling them. And we understand safety comes first, but you can have the peace of mind knowing our team has experience working within your policies and adapting efficiencies, so we can continue creating meaningful and purposeful video that get noticed and get the attention they deserve.

Want to know more or talk about ideas for your next video? Contact us and let's create something memorable.  

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