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Craig DiRienzo

From being a kid using my mom's camcorder to make stop motion animations and fake tv commercials - I’ve always loved creating videos. Video production has always been my true passion - whether it was for fun, comedy, spirituality, professionalism, inspiration, education, purpose, or meaning. Along with video, I also enjoy graphic design, animation, motion graphics, photography - any form of digital media. Outside of this, I love working out and am somewhat addicted even though it doesn't show physically haha. It helps me relieve stress, develop game plans, and stimulate my mind. I'm also a little old for this, but I still love playing video games - I think it's ok to admit with today's day and time. I used to also stream on twitch and had a solid following for streaming Nintendo games. My most proud accomplishment was starting the multimedia program in Ashtabula. When the school and our following found out I was leaving, they were emotional - and so was I. But when I explained this opportunity at PEG, both the staff and students understood this was a great opportunity for me and my career. I'm happy with what I created with Edgewood Media, but now it is on the students to keep the passion and purpose strong. I love spending time with my fiancé, Jenna. We are getting married this summer. We love playing games, eating at restaurants and festivals, traveling, and spending time with our friends.