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Predicting 2021 Video Trends

New year, new video trends? Well, kind of. With lots of things still in limbo as we we entered 2021, we are going to see a mix of new ideas and old staples coming together to create this year's video scene. Here are a few trends that we see being a big part of what the year in video will look like:

Virtual Events and Live Streams are Here to Stay

Even as things inch back towards "normal," it is clear that virtual events and live streams are not going anywhere anytime soon. People have a comfort level with these online events now and a better understanding of what they can offer. Plus, they have created opportunities for event hosts to bring in more people from more places which has lead to bigger, better audiences for the same amount of set up.

It wouldn't be surprising to start seeing hybrid in-person and virtual events, too. Limited in-person attendances will create a need to keep virtual events around for a long time in one capacity or another. But again, the upside is it allows for an expanded audience and more event attendees, far beyond those able to be on-site. So, it really seems like a win for everyone.

Collaborative Video Trends

Now, obviously, we aren't expecting every collaborative video to be a full-blown "Ratatouille" musical. BUT that really did open some doors and set the bar pretty high for what can be accomplished by a bunch of people at home. You will see more and more people jumping on each other's feeds and working together to create some pretty cool stuff. And TikTok is really leading the way on that front. With features like Duet, it's inviting people to share video and build on each other's content. Other platforms are bound to take notice and jump on the bandwagon for collaborative video trends.

Back to Basics

As everyone is settling back into a regular workflow again, we will see a return to some of the video basics we might have pushed aside in 2020. Think captions and on-screen text for easy reading with no sound. Super short, "snack-able" ads that prevent skipping. A more in-depth focus on each channel or platform and what it brings to the table for content options. As we all scrambled a bit to keep creating last year - everyone had to get a little scrappy, which was fine! But it will be nice to go back to a normal. (Although, keeping a little big of the scrappy, "can-d0" attitude is never bad thing.)

Investing in Video

We have all watching A LOT of video over the last year. And as we move further from 20201, we are going to start seeing a shift from the shot-at-home, UGC content to more polished and produced final pieces. These produced pieces will certainly stand out in the sea of cell phone footage and web cams that we have all been looking at 24-hours a day. And if there is one thing we learned from the influx of video last year - even from home - is that video remains a big player in marketing strategies and brand communications at all levels. Even thought really great video isn't cheap, the return on investments for video are still some of the highest out there. From helping gain new customers to communicating with employees, video can do it all. And having a strategic video partner by your side can make sure that your videos are not only getting noticed, but you are making the most of that money and investment with a great plan in place at every step of the process.


This is going to be a big one for 2021. Bring colors, upbeat soundtracks and positive messaging is what we all need right now. After a year a "unprecedented" bad times, it will be nice to see uplifting videos back on our feeds. But it is important to not do happy for the sake of happy. It is key that brands don't lose the authenticity and empathy we all had throughout the last 12 months. We can all move forward together - hopefully into better days ahead.

What video trends do you see coming in 2021? What do you hope to see less of?  

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