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PEG Update - Spring 2021

A quarter into 2021 (already!) and things are staying busy around here. Let's check out what our team has been up to!

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone and welcome to the Spring edition of PEG Update.

We're a quarter of the way through 2021 and things are staying busy. Let's check out what our team's been up to.

Our team has been doing a lot, both on video shoots and in the editing suites. We have been on location with clients all over, Ohio grabbing footage and creating fun and exciting pieces that will be viewed across the country, even completing a fully-animated video that helped a convention crowd find their giving spirit.

Fans are getting back into stadiums and arenas and our PEG sports team could not be more excited. We worked with pro teams from both the MLB and NHL on custom brand pieces and new video board animations.

Our new studio space has also been busy hosting shoots for several clients for both local and national brand spots and it has even been the home of a full stop-motion setup. Talk about versatile.

And speaking of our new office space we got new signage installed out front and finished off the walls inside with some pretty cool custom artwork. This means we are hitting the very last steps of our renovation and prepping for our final reveal We can't wait to show you.

That's all for this episode. Don't forget to check out and follow us on all your favorite social media channels. We'll see you next time.

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