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PEG Update - Fall 2020

We have adapted and adjusted, and we are staying busy! Get caught up on everything our team has been up to in the Fall 2020 edition of PEG Update!

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. Welcome to this edition of PEG update. Well, 2020 certainly been an interesting year, but we've been adapting, adjusting and staying busy. Why don't you take a look at some of these projects we've been working on this past few months.

Our team has been out on shoots and creating videos for clients all over the country. We worked with the city of Akron to help launch the new Akronite mobile app. This fun, educational video explained how to use the app and how it helps support local businesses around the city. We had the drone out for multiple shoots, including capturing some scenic footage that was used to create stunning feature pieces for social media and online campaigns.

Our PEG sports team has been busy as well. We spent a day around Cleveland helping our friend SJ get ready for his big debut during the Browns' home opener. Go Browns! And we help blue liners get inspired and complete their virtual race for the Blue Line Remix, capping off the 2020 Akron Marathon race series.

Our new home in the Carlton Building is getting closer to completion. Main street is open and things are looking great. We're keeping the finished parts under wraps for now and trust us you won't want to miss this big reveal.

Well that's it for this episode make sure you give us a follow on social media so you can stay tuned for more updates. We'll see you next time. 

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