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Getting To Know: David Stephenson

Hey everyone, I'm David. And today I'm going to tell you a little bit about me, what it means to be a Producer here at PEG and about the quest to perfect my pizza recipe.

Video Transcript

Brianna Kelly: What is your name my name?

David Stevenson: David Stevenson

BK: And David what do you do here at PEG?

DS: I am a producer here at PEG.

BK: What does that mean?

DS: Means a lot. Basically I'm involved in everything video production related, be it, you know, pre-production, story planning, script writing, storyboarding. And everything from the video shoot,so it could be shooting, or being a grip, or running a staffer. And everything in post-production as well, so editing, or graphics ,or sound mixing.

BK: What do you add to the team here at PEG?

DS: I'm young and I'm fun. I feel like being young and everybody calls me a Gen Z. I kind of have maybe some different ideas on how I want to do things or how I see things so that might add some more modern flair to what we do.

BK: What are you the most passionate about in this work?

DS: I think the thing that I like the most about video production is the variety. One day I could be lighting a scene or I could be running audio or running a camera, which is what I love to do the most  but there's just so many different things to do that you're never really bored or craving something else. And there's always something to learn.

BK: What inspires you?

DS: Craig. Genuinely. I remember when I came here and I saw the work that Craig was working on I was just amazed that somebody could do that like with their hands and create something just so mesmerizing, but tell such a great story.

BK: What is something quirky about you or a fun fact?

DS: I love pizza. And, like, absolutely love pizza. I'm constantly on the quest to perfect my pizza making and trying new pizzas everywhere. I once drove to New York City on a whim because I wanted to try New York Pizza for the first time and I did that.

BK: What do you like to do in your spare time?

DS: I like to do a lot of different things in my spare time. I love cars, cooking, of course mentioned pizza. I like to hike. I like photography. and I don't know I just like a lot of different things. I like to keep myself active.

BK: And, David, the most important question of the day...

DS: Puppies. Okay. No contest.


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