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Favorite 2022 "Big Game" Commercials

The best football and the best commercials are a combination we look forward to every year. And while we certainly have thoughts on the game itself, more importantly - what about the commercials??

From Austin Powers to Barbie to The Sopranos - they were heavy with celebrity cameos and soaked in nostalgia.

Our team scored the commercials at a 6.5/10 overall, but there were a few that really stood out.


Here are our favorite spots from the "Big Game" last night:

Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage | Dream House with Anna Kendrick and Barbie

 Meta Quest 2 | Old Friends. New Fun.

 Nissan | Thrill Driver

NFL  | Bring Down The House

FTX Official | Don't Miss Out

Lay’s | Golden Memories

Chevrolet​ | New Generation (The Sopranos)

Uber Eats | Uber Don't Eats

Toyota | Start Your Impossible | Brothers


What were your favorite "Big Game" spots this year?


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