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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on-set and want to ensure that we have proper procedures in place so every person on a shoot with us is comfortable and safe. We are all navigating these changes together, but know that the safety of our clients, friends, partners and team members is always our top priority.

Pre-Production Considerations

Safety Planning

In the planning stages for each shoot, our team will meet internally to determine safety-specific guidelines to be implemented on-set/site. These guidelines will include the considerations listed below, as well any shoot-specific considerations (for instance, remote shoots in areas with unique hygiene factors, like a park without running water). As each production inherently has different requirements, each safety plan will be discussed and approved internally, before being presented to the client.

Safety Plan Presentation

When our clients receive the Shoot Outline for approval, the safety plan will be included as an additional section. This will allow for easy viewing of our proposed safety procedures, and allow the client to approve this section, or request a modification.

Per-Client Requirements

While our internal policies are designed to provide a clean and safe working environment for all shoot participants, we also understand that our clients may have their own policies in addition to our own. As part of the client review of the safety plan, we will ask for any applicable additional policies and (upon our internal review) include those in our safety plan, providing an environment that accommodates both parties.

Symptom Reporting

We will require all employees to report any fever-like symptoms, including abnormal coughing or trouble breathing and request all staff to monitor their temperature daily before reporting to work. If any symptoms are detected, an employee must stay home from work until they have met all of the Responsible RestartOhio qualifications for returning to the workplace.


On-Site Considerations

Personnel Sizes

On-site personnel will be limited to “essential members only.” Crew requirements vary on a case-by-case and shoot-by-shoot basis, and will be evaluated as such. The planning for every shoot will incorporate all possible current CDC recommendations, and every effort will be made to keep crew sizes as small as possible.

Temperature Checks

CDC guidelines consider any person with a temperature over 100.4°F or higher as having “fever temperature levels.” Upon arriving at each shoot, all PEG crew members will have their temperatures taken to confirm it is below 100.4°F. Any members above 100.4°F will not be allowed to remain on-set/site. This thermometer will be available in the “Clean Kit” (see below).


Crew members will make every effort to maintain the CDC-suggested six foot distance between personnel. In the event that crew members need to move within a six foot distance, they will do so in an efficient, time-sensitive manner, and limit these actions to activity-specific actions (Such as two crew members needing to carry a heavy case up a stairway).


Our crew members will all wear N95 or cloth face coverings while on-set and in close-proximity to others. Nitrile or comparable gloves are required to be worn at all times on-set to limit skin-to-skin contact. Crew members and shoot participants can bring their own preferred PPE that follows these guidelines, or we will provide them to all team members. We will maintain reasonable levels of replacement equipment in the event of an on-site mask or glove issue.

Talent Special Guidelines

In certain scenarios, on-camera talent may need to forgo PPE since it would obscure their face during on-camera appearances, gloves would not align with the shoot requirements or safety procedures, etc. In these circumstances we will first discuss these requirements, and then establish an individual plan for best possible sanitary procedures for the scenario.

Hand Safety

Our team members will be required to sanitize hands frequently while on-set using a CDC-recommended alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60 to 95% alcohol. It is also required that team members wash their hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds whenever excess dirt is accumulated or when using bathroom facilities.

Touch Considerations

We will limit any skin-to-skin contact, and instead work with the appropriate person to address any contact scenarios individually. An example of this would be placing a lavalier microphone on on-camera talent. Instead of a crew member assisting in running the microphone, adjusting it on the talent’s clothing, etc, they will provide the sanitized equipment to the talent and verbally walk them through the procedure so they can self-prepare their microphone.

Set Sanitization

Prior to any talent utilizing a set, interview room or other prepared filming location, the area will receive a full wipe-down. The workflow of this will be to first complete the setup of the area for filming, then the area will receive the sanitization and once the cleaning is complete, the on-camera talent will be invited to enter the filming area.

The “Clean Kit”

We have established a designated case known as the “Clean Kit.” This case will be clearly marked, and will contain masks, gloves, a thermometer, hand sanitizer, and sanitation wipes, spray and paper towel products. The Clean Kit will be available as a source of readily-available cleaning materials as-needed throughout the day.


Post-Shoot Considerations

Sanitization of Gear

In addition to our usual equipment cleaning post-shoot, we will do a full wipe down of equipment prior to each used item being returned to its case. We will put a particular focus on “touch surfaces,” like viewfinders, hand grips, straps, etc.

Office Considerations

We have chosen to ensure the safety of our team by temporarily having all staff work from home, with the exception of necessary on-site activities, shoots, etc. By temporarily eliminating in-office contact, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure distancing guidelines are followed well above the minimum required government guidance. We have fully transitioned our I.T. infrastructure to a remote location to ensure we monitor and maintain our clients’ data, and to provide efficient access for our editors when working on projects. When our staff does return to the office (in accordance with all government recommendations and we internally determine that it’s best to do-so), our facilities will undergo a full cleaning and sanitization prior to staff resuming in-office daily activities and our staff will follow any recommended policies set forth by the government.


Policy Life Cycle and Evaluation

While these policies are designed to keep our team and those we work with safe and healthy, they are set in place based on current conditions. As the state of the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, and as government regulations, recommendations and requirements change, we will revise and elevate or de-escalate these policies as the health climate changes. It is our commitment that our on-site and on-set production activities operate in a way that is appropriate to the current health conditions in our area.

You can download a PDF version of these procedures here.

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