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Behind the Lens - Rachel Kubick

Monster trucks, VO records and Harry Styles concerts. Rachel is taking on a trip Behind the Lens for some of her favorite photos.


Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Rachel Kubick and this is my look Behind the Lens.

Here's a lovely photo of me and my family. We're at Universal Studios in Orlando. We have my mom, my dad sisters Becca and Leah, brother Bobby. So you really can't tell, but we're actually so toasty warm in this photo. So, my parents have cooling towels on. Very smart of them, but I am cooling down with the world's best beverage, a butterbeer, of course.

Here's another photo of me being absolutely massive. As you can see, I am just so tall. Towering above this monster truck. We had the opportunity to work a at the Toughest Monster Trucks in Covelli in Youngstown, and we all thought it was so funny that I was just fully the size of one of the tires. So that's where this gem came from, but it was a super fun time.

Here's me recording yet another VO for probably any number of the videos we do. Here at PEG we like to record scratch tracks before we actually go out and get the professional recording done. So if you've ever gotten a video made from us and there was a female scratch track on it, it's probably me and this may be from your video.

Here I am schlepping a tripod through the woods for a recent shoot we did for ASCVB. We got the opportunity to work on a commercial for them and so we were going to so many fun places in Akron. Breweries. Restaurants. Here we are at the National Park. It was such a fun project to be on.

Remember we were at Harry Potter World? Well this actually isn't Harry Potter World. This is in London and we came out of this building into this hallway and this is a genuine candid reaction of me thinking that I was actually in Hogwarts. So this was, this was such a fun trip. Ravenclaw, in case you can't tell.

Here's just another day in the office, you know. Curled up on the couch with Papa John's, of course. We did a lot of work with the Firebirds in Coachella Valley and every time we made a new video for them it was always a tradition to get a Papa John's Pizza during the V1 cut. So, Papa John's, if you're watching this, give me a pizza.

What a good-looking group of people. Here we are at the ADDYs. This was in 2023, I believe. And this was my first big award show with PEG. So as you can see we certainly cleaned up and it was really such a fun night to be a part of.

This is me at one of many Harry Styles concerts. If I'm ever lost, you can certainly find me at a Harry Styles concert. But this specific show was in Detroit where we got the last three tickets available to a sold-out show. We literally ran on as he was playing his opening song it was really such a fun night and I'm happy to end on that note.

So thank you so much for watching my look Behind the Lens.

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