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Behind the Lens - D.J. Nivens

Account life, sports memories and the happiest place on earth. D.J. is giving us a look Behind the Lens of some of his favorite personal and professional moments.


Video Transcript:

Hi I'm D.J. Nivens and this is my Behind The Lens.

So this photo shows one of my largest and first projects here at PEG. The shoot for the Coachella Valley Firebirds show open. We're out in Coachella Valley, California shooting some awesome content, but also checking back with the team back home in Ohio.

This photo shows a little bit of my sports history. So, this was for the Cleveland Monsters where I was the in-game host. Taking part in all the promos the games on-ice. Hanging out with the fans, having a lot of good times with the Monsters and also showing my time with the Akron RubberDucks, the Cleveland Indians -  Guardians - all over the place. So just a little bit of my sports history.

This photo - kind of one of my biggest achievements that I enjoy about my life, is back in 2017, made the decision to kind of make a healthier lifestyle, choose a healthier lifestyle. Lost about 100 lbs over a couple years. Might have put a couple back on, but definitely just one of the happiest, and one of my biggest goals in life is just uh being healthy.

And back to sports. World Series. Believe this was Game One with my best friends being able to take in the Cleveland Indians when they were in the World Series in Cleveland. Just an awesome time. Love big moments and sports and being able to share with people I love the most, my friends. Was very awesome.

This photo shows a couple months stint I had with FedEx, uh, back during their busiest time of the year helping them out, uh delivering packages. Really just especially during the holidays being able to take those packages to the people that were needing them and to give them as gifts was awesome. I got to play Santa Claus, essentially. So just a fun time working one of the busiest times in FedEx and just a crazy, crazy time, but a lot of fun.

This is my girlfriend. Been together for about two years. Love her. Known her for a long time, since high school. Has supported me every step of the way, everything I've done the last couple years and wouldn't be here without her. So, I love you, Hillary.

And one of the other highlights of my life, my nephew, Emmitt. I call him Butter. Uh it's a little inside joke, but he couldn't pronounce his last name when he was little, so he called him Butter. And he does love butter, so it kind of works out all.  And in one of the happiest places on Earth, Disney World, so definitely, uh awesome spending time with him there.

My cycle, my bike. I like to be active love being out riding my bicycle. Um and doing whatever I can to stay active, and enjoy the weather. Just a lot of fun being out enjoying the world enjoying life and just being happy.

So, once again I'm D.J Nivens and thank you for joining me on my Behind The Lens.

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