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5 Things We've Been Watching: May 2022

We love video here at PEG (obviously) and talk about it pretty much non-stop. So, we wanted to share with you five things that caught our eye, started a conversation or gave us a little inspiration over the last month.

Tom Brady | Hole-in-One FPV Shot.

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: This video has been making its way around social, so you have probably seen it recently. Its the perfect storm of fun social content, great FPV drone work and a perfect reminder of why you should always leave the camera rolling... or perhaps a perfect reminder of why it's important to employ a great editor... ??


Boil :75 | Veterans Crisis Prevention

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: This piece turns a traditional PSA on its head - literally. It incorporates some really interested camera shots and cinematography to help show the unease and uncomfortable nature of the spot. It could have been good on its own, but these extra little elements really take it to a new and interesting place. 


DCA | Memphis Parks Identity

See It Here

Why it’s a thing: We love parks and we love good branding! This identity done by DCA for the Memphis Parks brings those two things together. The beautiful letter "M" marks links the parks together, but also gives them the creativity and flexibility to be unique, and really capture all the things the parks have to offer. 


When the cameraman is cooler than those he shoots.

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: How far to camera operators go to get the shot? As far as it takes! This is a pretty crazy look at someone capturing some skiers by taking on the downhill themself. We wouldn't want to be doing that with camera equipment in hand! (And let's remember - there is a person filming them while they are filming!) 


trusscleveland | All Star Weekend Recap

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: This is one of the coolest, most unique recap videos we have seen in a while. While it might not go into extreme detail, it certainly gives a real vibe and feeling of the event, and sometimes thats the most important part! 



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