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5 Things We've Been Watching: January 2020

5 Things We've Been Watching : January 2020

We love video here at PEG (obviously) and talk about it pretty much non-stop. So, we wanted to share with you five things that caught our eye, started a conversation or gave us a little inspiration over the last month.


A Hero in the Sky (and on the Ground)

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: We love this piece for its beautiful shots and simple storytelling, but also for its use of side-by-side, match-action shots throughout. Using this style, mixed with the use of color and lighting, allowed them to move seamlessly between the two parts of the story, while maintaining a unified look. It could have been confusing and disjointed, but instead its a great take on a two-part story told in one great video. 


How '1917' Was Filmed To Look Like One Shot | Movies Insider

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: This is a very fascinating look behind the scenes of 1917. Cinematographer, Roger Deakins, took the one-shot look to another level by managing to capture the feeling of one shot - without it actually being one shot. This mini doc from Insider shows that not only the gear and tech that was used to make this happen but the MONTHS and MONTHS of planning that went into making this piece happen. From mini-models to painstaking blocking sessions to moving set pieces, the whole team went above and beyond to make sure this piece had a specific look that certainly paid off. 


Turnstyle ad created for Mountain Dew

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: Ok, this one is sightly controversial on this list. BUT it did get us talking, so it made the cut. This ad requires the viewer to physically flip their phone from horizontal to vertical to view the whole video correctly. Is this a necessary thing? Perhaps not. But does it have interesting potential? Sure. While it obviously won't be for every brand, it could be a fun way to encourage user interaction and multi-watch ads in the near future. 


How The Irishman’s Groundbreaking VFX Took Anti-Aging To the Next Level

Watch it Here

Why it’s a thing: This tech is bananas. By using a custom three-camera set up, they were able to capture these actors performances and as they say "fix it in post." From there, they were able to use AI and decades of old footage to manipulate the faces of famous actors, like Robert De Niro, to make them look years younger. Perhaps more incredibly, they were able to do it without any sort of crazy wearables needed and that really allowed the actors to do their thing and really shine - both now and as their artificially young selves. 


A Swag You Have Never Seen. This Is Our Time.

Watch It here

Why it’s a thing: In the days leading up to the FBS National Championship Game - LSU was putting out some INCREDIBLE content. From graphics to videos to animations, everything they released with on-brand and on fire. Even if you weren't a fan, it was hard to not get at least a little hyped. Even after their win - with elements like the creation of their championship logo - the perfection of their content lived up to the perfection of their season. (Sorry, I'll see myself out.) 


Honorable Mentions

An astrophotographer video wherein we can feel the rotation of the earth
Finding the Lost Largest Pyramid in the World
Former University of Akron WR Matthew Cherry receives Oscar nomination


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