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5 Things We've Been Watching: April 2021

5 Things We've Been Watching : April 2021

We love video here at PEG (obviously) and talk about it pretty much non-stop. So, we wanted to share with you five things that caught our eye, started a conversation or gave us a little inspiration over the last month.  

Launch Spot | zro_g

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: While I am not even totally sure what this brand does, I am not really sure I care. This spot is fun, nice to watch and certainly mysterious. Perfect social teaser to get people interested and wanting to click that link to learn a little more.  

Once-Daily Bikes by Trek

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: Who doesn't love a good parody spot? Straight out of what could be an SNL skit, Trek uses the overused template of a pharmaceutical ad to sell bikes. Full of actual facts about bikes (they are indeed faster than riding a tortoise) this spot compares the effects of getting out and riding their bikes to that of a daily pill to the extent that it puts the bike in life-size pharmacy box. How do we know it's life size? This behind the scenes video.  

Foxboro Forever | Julian Edelman

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: This spot was a nice mix of  heartfelt emotions and a little quirk. It start with pretty cool audio montage while circling Edelman on the field. Easy, but powerful for sure. After his thank yous and goodbyes, he gets up and, for those who stick around long enough to see, a little extra (and certainly unexpected) post-production fun...  

How to shoot a SONY Launch Film | Jacques Crafford

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: These two final spots he talks about in this behind the scenes (which you can watch here and here) are REALLY beautiful. It's hard to believe that these spot were created with obstacles like smaller budgets, smaller crew sizes etc. Crafford talks about really making the most of out what he has to work with and shows what it took to get those final spots looking so, so good.  

Watch This | LSU Gymnastics 

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: There is a lot going on here, but it really all works to bring together this great story bookended by this VHS look. Taking a look back takes on a quite literal meaning with the tapes and VCR and provides a powerful lead up to the end and the 2021 - Watch This moment. Add in some fun effects and a simple voice over - it's a real winning combination.    

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