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Akron-Summit Public Library Anniversary Video

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Video Transcript

When you picture a library what do you see? Books on shelves? Computers on desks? Sure, we have those. But these places, shaped by many, hold so much more. Every community has residents who seek information, opportunity and growth and these free, public spaces are the key.

Inside a library, every person is on a different journey. A couple looking to reconnect with their roots. A high schooler turning their ideas into reality. A budding pastry chef borrowing cake pans. Maybe even date night.

For 150 years your Akron-Summit County Public Library has been here and we've never stopped serving. Even during the Great Depression and COVID-19 pandemic, we've been here for you offering knowledge and wisdom to over 1 million visitors every year.

We know that communities change over time and the services we provide need to evolve with them. Access to technology and the opportunities that come with it should be available to everyone, which is why libraries are just as important now as ever before. With 19 locations that connect us from cities to villages and townships, we are a part of this community and we're here not just for you, but with you.

We are the Akron-Summit County Public Library and we're just getting started.