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What Camera Should I Use?


There are a lot of camera options out there. How do you know which one is right for your shoot? In this episode of Lights. Camera. Answers., James takes us through the cameras in our gear closet and explains which cameras are the best for which situations.

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. James here from Pritt Entertainment Group with another Lights. Camera. Answers. segment. This question is what camera should I use in my situation? So, I'm gonna break down some cameras that we have here and what we use in different situations. And hopefully that shed some light on that.

Here we have our Sony a7r 3. As you can see this is a DSLR camera. It's great for setting up on a tripod. If you're a person that does a lot of interviews, this is a great budget camera because you don't have to invest in a super expensive camera, but you can set this up get really quality stuff. And you can also use it as a secondary camera. For that reason you can put it on a dolly and it's really lightweight, so it's nice to move and get that nice angled dolly shot. It's not ideal for b-roll, because it's kind of hard to handle being just the DSLR by itself, but if you're just shooting interviews this is a great option.

Next is our FS7. As you can see this is quite a bit bigger, but it has this over-the-shoulder mount. It's actually pretty lightweight and it's that's what makes it great for live events. So I can put it on my shoulder and capture a shot over here during a live event and then quickly capture over here and it's great for run and gun for that reason. You won't tire your arms out with by holding something down here. It rests on your shoulder really nice and it also captures really high quality footage, so you can grab an interview while you're doing run and gun, and quickly get that, too.

Next, I've got a GoPro. I'm sure you guys have seen these before. They're really great to set in a small spot or a spot where you're afraid that your more expensive cameras may be damaged. These things are really tough and they're also really water resistant, like extremely. They even submerge them in water and get cool underwater shots. You can put them next to a machine without having to worry about pieces coming off and chipping your lens or something like that. These are super durable and a really great option at getting time lapses or different scenarios like that where you can just set it down and capture your footage and then grab it and go.

Last, we've got our RED camera. Which we're actually shooting this with. It's by far our highest quality camera. It's also the most expensive, but it's justifiably so, because it can do anything that I described here. You can attach an accessory, shoot over the shoulder, b-roll, really high quality stuff. You can set it up for an interview on a main as a main camera on a tripod, get super high quality and, overall, we use it in basically every single scenario that we can.

So, I hope that shed some light on some of our processes and if you want to check out the actual Gear Up videos for these, you can check out our website at or check us out on social media, on Instagram, Facebook and our YouTube channel and I hope to see you there.

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