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Video Transcription Benefits: Part One

Part One: The Video Edit

Here at PEG we utilize transcriptions for a number of reasons, but the most common is to aid in the creative process between us and our clients.

Transcriptions are an incredible asset. Not only do they give you a word for word copy of everything said on shoot day, they also aid in drafting your story by curating already crafted lines into something new! More on that later though. First I’d like to explain what a transcription is, how we create them, and how they can benefit you, our client.

What is a transcription and why do we use them?

Basically, a transcription is a document that contains everything said on camera verbatim. They allow you to see what was captured, especially during non-scripted or interview-based video shoot, and use it to basically make a retroactive script for editors to follow. They’re often very helpful for clients who want greater control over the narrative of their video or have very specific information they need to convey.

This extra step often saves time in both editing and the review process. We record videos where our interviewees speak at length about proprietary knowledge or about subjects we wouldn’t necessarily know about. While we can make a good attempt to understand, no one knows your product or service better than you. So, it may be best for your team to arrange the more intricate parts of the video so it makes best sense to your audience.

The Video Transcription Process

At PEG we utilize transcription services from After shooting has wrapped, we’ll begin uploading your video files to REV. Once the good people at REV have finished transcribing, our team will go through again and fix any verbiage errors and forward it to you. 

Once you have them, you can then select sentences or sequences by denoting time codes and telling us how you’d like them arranged. From there, we can edit the dialogue you've specified and bring your transcription script to life! It’s worth noting that this method may not get us to a 100% perfect story for the piece, but with a little finesse and creativity, it will get there. 

Moral of the story? Video transcriptions are a very helpful tool that helps facilitate collaboration between your team and ours. Utilizing transcriptions are the best way for us to let clients have a big impact on how they're story gets crafted. It narrows down hours of interviews and really focuses on what matters to you and your audience. It not only saves time, but it allows our team to focus on more creative aspects to really make your video pop!


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