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PEG Update July 2018

This summer is really flying by. Let’s check in and see what our team has been up to.



Video Transcript

Hi, everyone and welcome to this month's edition of PEG Update. Summer is flying by. Let's check out what the team's been up to.

We've been all over Northeast Ohio this month filming on location for multiple clients these shoots, included both 360 video and aerial footage from our drone that will be combined with traditional video to create fun and unique final pieces. And we worked with love our agency partners to create a fully animated piece for client in the healthcare field.

Our team was busy outside of the office as well. Andrew attended REDucation in Chicago and got some in-depth, hands-on learning, focusing on our RED Scarlet-W camera. Meanwhile, Ryan and Brianna were in Indianapolis for the 36th annual IDEA conference, where they got to see what's new in sports, video and animations and spend some time with our friends from the world of sports.

That's it for this month. Check back next time for another edition of PEG Update.

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