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PEG Reveals: My Best Advice for Learning to Edit

Being creative means there isn't always a right way or wrong way of doings things. Over the years, forming their own ways of working, their own tricks-of-the-trade and found their own favorite things! This series explores our super-talented creative team and how they feel about a few things.

My Best Advice for Learning to Edit

Blog Post Featured Image Getting To Know Jeffrey Pritt Akron Video Production

Jeffrey My recommendation is to start online and learn the basics. Especially with animation, once you understand the principles you can really branch out and get faster and faster. Animation is an art, just like painting. When you look at work you did 2-3 years ago you say “Oh….I made that? My new stuff is way better. I can’t believe I used to do it like that.” Grinding hours into learning the basics then challenging yourself to make something unique is the way to go.

These are our team headshots, they cover the video production team and the marketing team.

Amanda Tutorials are your friend. Learning a program like After Effects takes a lot of time, but every tutorial you watch builds on the skills you learned before. Eventually, you’ll find a tutorial whose narrator style matches your learning style and things will just click. Also, look for inspiration pieces CONSTANTLY. Watching the work of people who inspire you is a great motivator for getting better and enhancing your skill set.   These are our team headshots, they cover the video production team and the marketing team.

Andrew It doesn’t matter what gear you have or what applications you are using. Good practices and techniques with a $100 piece of equipment will transfer over to gear worth $10,000.

Josh My best advice is don’t expect to learn this stuff just by watching! You need to work in your program of choice as much as possible to get really familiar with it. Watch videos, watch as many as you can, but make sure you also get your hands on practice in as well.  


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