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My Editing Playlist: Kaylin

Behind every creative, there is always a playlist. Music plays a vital role in any creative process as a means to inspire, influence and motivate. I wouldn’t say that my playlist is consistent, because it varies depending on my mood, and sometimes even the time of year, but I definitely have some staples that I always go to when needing to break the silence.


Whenever I’m needing focus and don’t feel like shuffling through the plethora of music out there, I am always down to brainstorm or work to good ol’ 80's music because you can’t go wrong with it. My favorite genres of that era include post-punk, synthpop, new wave and new romantics but more specifically: The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, The B-52s, Sparks, and Kate Bush - just to name a few. Their music always helps me conjure up new ideas, keeps me inspired and in a good mood.

If I’m needing to go into a deeper focus while working on a project, I’ll switch over to something more beat-driven, ambient, or even industrial. Dead Can Dance, Brian Eno, Chris & Cosey, Coil, and Portishead are always reliable to help me get into a more creative flow and think more abstractly.


Besides music, there are always podcasts. Lots of podcasts. These are usually reserved for when my brain might be a little fried or when I’m doing something meticulous and I need a story to keep me entertained. To disconnect for a bit, Last Podcast on the Left, Page 7, Someplace Underneath, Therapy Gecko, The Bald and the Beautiful, and Bodega Boys are always great choices for some good laughs and stories. And for some balance, I will also listen to some more informative podcasts such as You Must Remember This for some pop culture history and the great Rachel Maddow Show to keep me up to date on current events.

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