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Maximizing Your Video Dollars

Video can be a big investment in both time and money. Our job as a video production company is to make sure that both those investments get the largest return possible. With that in mind, there are four key areas where we can to make sure that we get our client the most bang for their buck: Strategy, Video Shoot, Video Edit, and Video Promotion. Here are a few tips for maximizing these areas:

Maximizing the Strategy

In the strategy stage, we work hand-in-hand with the client to understand their vision and purpose of the video. Our creative team strategizes about what type of video will best meet the stated purpose and tell the client’s story. Whether it be footage-based, animation-based or 360 video, we look for the style that will most effectively relay the desired message to the viewer. During this stage, we also create story boards to give the client a visual reference for the video. By doing this, we are able to get client approvals earlier in the process and help to limit any revisions or edits that may cause additional editing hours later on.

Maximizing the Video Shoot

If a video shoot is required, understanding what type of equipment will be needed to obtain the necessary footage can really help with budgets. Not every video shoot requires a RED Digital Cinema Camera. Since all of our cameras shoot 4k, that gives us the flexibility adjust equipment to accommodate smaller budgets. Plus, with some careful planning, we can also think down the road to other video projects that might come up and capture footage that can be used for those projects as well, which will help alleviate some future video shoot costs.

Maximizing the Video Edit

During the video edit, we find ways that we can multipurpose the main video. This could be by creating shorter “breakout” videos that focus on a singular topic. Or by making different versions to be used across multiple platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.). Our team is also conscious of the desired lifespan of the video/videos during the edit and refrains from using footage or effects that may prematurely date the piece unnecessarily. Simple things, like selecting the correct animation techniques or focusing on evergreen imagery, will help increase the overall longevity of the project.

Maximizing the Promotion

The promotion stage may be the most important, yet most often overlooked, part of the video production process. All the work done in the previous three steps will be pointless if the video doesn’t reach it’s intended audience. Whether it be a television commercial or online/social media video, we can help make sure that the format and platform are correct for that the target demo and get the maximum impressions and user engagement with the finished piece. At the end of a video project, the return on your investment is the most important line item. They may seem like small things, but a little planning and a little strategic thinking through these four stages will give you the biggest bang for your video buck. And it will also allow for the most enjoyable experience through the fun, video creation process.  


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