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Getting To Know: Christina Drsek

Hi everybody, I'm Christina! Get to know a little bit about me - my history at PEG, why I love entertaining and all about my extreme couponing stockpile.

Video Transcript

Brianna Kelly: What is your name?

Christina Drsek: My name is Christina Drsek

BK: What do you do at PEG, Christina?

CD: Here at PEG I'm a Production Assistant. I've been with PEG in some capacity for about 10 years now. I met Jeffrey and Ryan at Akron football and, 10 years later, I'm still working Akron football with them. But I do everything from live sports, to production, to things around the office. All sorts of things. I was the PEG van before we had a van here. So, I'm kind of an all hands on deck kind of person.

BK: What are you most passionate about in this work?

CD: I'm most passionate about the entertainment part of entertainment. It's really cool to see something live, but be able to go back and watch things or hear special moments over and over again. That's really what video is all about is just replaying amazing moments over and over again.

BK: What do you like about your job?

CD: The things I like most about being here at PEG is no two days are the same. Over the last 10 years here I've been on a roof in Mississippi or in a mountain in Las Vegas or just here in Akron, downtown Cleveland, anywhere. So, it's always something new and interesting.

BK: What is something quirky about you or a fun fact?

CD: Something really strange about me actually is I can clap with one hand, and I can do it with both hands. I don't know. I'm weird.

BK: What do you like to do in your spare time?

CD: I don't know what spare time is, so I don't really do anything in my spare time. I have a toddler. He's a lot of fun. We like to take him to the zoo. We go to Disney a lot. I guess something personally, I do a lot is I coupon. I have a stockpile in my basement. So, if you ever need some toothpaste or toilet paper, let me know.

BK: I need you to finish this sentence please get me a cup of...

CD: Coke. I'm definitely a big Coke drinker.

BK: Last, but not least, the question of the day - puppies or kitties?

CD: Definitely kitties. I think dogs stink.


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