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Does My Video Need a Transcription?


From the initial edit to the final video post, there are many reasons to get that video transcription!

Video Transcript

Welcome back to another edition of Lights. Camera. Answers. I'm James and today we're talking about "does my video need a transcription?" or "would it be useful?" So, transcriptions are actually really useful throughout the video editing and post-editing process.

Whenever you're beginning editing it can be hard to know exactly what parts of clips you want to use, especially if it's a really long interview or some other long format filming session. What you can do is create transcripts of the entirety of the filming session that way you can search for keywords that are within that transcript, if there's a certain point or aspect or concept that you want mentioned in the edit. You can search for that specifically, and go directly to where that was talked about in the filming. You can also highlight specific parts of the transcript, so that whenever you're first diving into editing you know exactly what you want to feature when. So this is going to be really helpful and make it really efficient rather than having to watch the entire session and remember where each thing specifically was at.

So, following the edit or following the completion of a video, transcriptions that are made early on or at that stage after the finished video can be really helpful in developing captions or developing subtitles which can make your video a lot more accessible and understandable by a broader audience. Especially foreign subtitles, which you could get translated into any language so that anybody internationally could understand what's being said in your video.

Now following the cut it can also be really helpful to have transcriptions so that your video can be found online. What i mean by that is depending on where you're hosting the video, you could also include the transcription in the description, or embed the transcription so that specific things that are brought up in the video specific topics or specific aspects of the interview could be found on google or found in search results just by people typing in specific keywords. So this could definitely give you a bigger audience and a more broad audience that would be searching for these words that otherwise wouldn't have found your video.

So that's just a couple aspects of transcriptions. Overall it's really helpful.

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