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Choosing The Right Voiceover

When you’re watching a movie, commercial, or a product video, you’re taking in a lot of information visually. You see the graphics, the animations, the sequence of shots, and you process that information as it comes in. There are, however, auditory elements at work that can affect the overall feel of a piece that you probably don’t even think about. Sound design, music selections, and sound effects play a huge part in a piece whether we’re talking about a major motion picture or a quick product ad on YouTube. Even though these things are extremely important, they often go unnoticed by the viewer. As editors, however, we have to pay close attention to all of these elements in order to give our piece the feel we want. One of the most important elements that we absolutely have to get right is choosing the right voiceover, or as we call it, the VO. The VO is what guides the viewer through the piece and what often calls the viewer to action. There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right VO. First, you have to ask yourself what kind of video you’re making, who the audience will be, and what kind of feeling you want the video to have. After you’ve nailed down all of these categories, you start looking for the voice talent. It’s almost like a matching game in a sense, and it’s all about relatability. For instance, the next time you’re watching TV or browsing the internet and a commercial or add comes on, listen to the voice over. Try to imagine the exact polar opposite of the person talking and think of how silly the video would seem. Every voice you hear was meticulously chosen with you, the viewer, in mind. It may be something most people don’t even think about, but it plays a major part in any video where a voiceover is present.

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