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Can You Fly Your Drone At Night?


It used to be almost impossible to fly at night. But with new regulations and some high-visibility lights, our licensed drone pilots can take to the skies after dark. 

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining me for another Lights. Camera. Answers. Today we're answering the question "can you fly your drone at night?" And the answer is yes, actually, we can. There is new very quick regulation in place that came in last year that allows FAA-licensed drone pilots to fly at night pretty easily. You still have to follow all the rules of a licensed drone pilot. Any commercial drone flight has a certain set of rules, but they add one very specific rule which is anti-collision lighting.

So what I have here are two Lume Cubes. So these are extremely bright led lights that we mount to our drone via clamp mounts, and they kind of hang underneath like this. And we can either face them forward or backward depending on the operation we're doing, whatever we think is safest, but we mount these on we turn them on and they stay constant and that allows any aircraft in the area to see us for up to three miles. And that is the key rule is it's got to be visible for up to three miles. It can't be the standard lights that come on your drone, it does have to be something a little more powerful.

Another thing that we added is a small strobe light just because it we felt it helped omni-directionally see our drone, because we do worry about the orientation of these sometimes. And this guy's pretty bright. So I'll turn this on really quick just so you guys can see but it just strobes every second or so and it it's mounted to the top of the drone and in flight it's definitely bright at night time.

So this definitely helps accomplish the rules that the FAA set in place and that allows us to fly at night, which is really really cool, because in the past that has been a big difficulty. So it's very nice to see that the FAA is making things easier on drone pilots. And again to very quickly answer the question, yes, we can definitely fly at night.

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