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Animation is Awesome

Ok, I know I’m a little biased, but I’ve got your attention so hear me out. I get to do lots of different things at work, because here at PEG we offer so many different services. But I get excited to come in every day though, because the thing I get to work on the most is animation. I LOVE it and here are a few of the reasons why. I feel like animation can be broken down into two metaphors. The icing on the cake, and the brownies you eat instead because they are equally as good in their own unique way, but you get a completely different flavor. That doesn’t make sense? Ok, let me break it down.

The Icing on the Cake

Video on its own can be very impressive. Here at PEG, we have a lot of incredibly talented cinematographers and editors. After a video is completed (i.e. the cake), I, or whoever is animating, gets to go in and add intros and outros, lower thirds, pop-ups, transitions and effects (AKA the icing). Those animations can take your video to a whole new level by providing information, branding and make your video just down right beautiful to look at.

The Delicious Brownie

Now it’s time for the brownie analogy! Animation can be a great alternative to shooting video in some cases. Building an entire animated video from scratch is a great way to create a custom branded piece or get statistics/text across to the viewer in a unique and exciting way. Animation can do all that and more. We can build entire worlds with animation and that makes the possibilities virtually endless! The only limit is your imagination.

A Tasty Sampling of Animation Examples

I hear you, you want to see examples of all the different styles of animation we can do! Well, I have just the place you can do that. Click on “Our Work” at the top of this page and “Animation” after that. You’ll see videos that are entirely animation based like the Brand Video, videos with flashy effects like the Cleveland Cavaliers Playoff Tip-Off Video and videos with animated accents like the Veroot Brand Video. We love concepting and coming up with new and exciting ways to get ideas across using animation. It’s just one of the ways we bring your brand to life and it happens to be my favorite.  


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