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Lessons Learned From Live Events

When our company got its start, live events were actually our focus, and the lessons that we have learned from our live events experience have given us incredible insight into how to connect with an…

Industry Philosophy

Why Music Matters

As editors, we have many tools at our disposal when it comes to creating the mood for a video. The style in which it was shot, the effects and graphic treatment that we use and the voiceover, are all…

Industry Philosophy

Why Mobile Matters

It’s obvious that smartphones have changed the way that we live our lives in many ways. This includes changing how we consume video content. Approximately two out of every three online videos are now…

Industry Philosophy

PEG Field Trips

When you think back to being a child, what were some of your favorite days at school? If you were like me, often times, those were the days of field trips. The opportunities to get out of the…

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