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Can I get my RAW footage?

Short Answer - Yes, we can provide you with RAW files from your shoot. But as Jeffrey explains on this episode of Lights. Camera. Answers., that might not be the most helpful. Our team will always…

Industry Philosophy

Thoughts From My First IDEA Conference

Since I started here at PEG, there had been discussion about the IDEA conference. I’d heard so many things about the fun things you get to do, the awesome content you get to consume and the great…

News / Sports

2019 IDEA Conference Recap

Another year of the IDEA Conference is officially in the books and it was another phenomenal experience!The team at IDEA puts on an incredible conference every year and this year in San Diego was…

Industry Philosophy / News

Thinking video? Think mobile first

Think about how you experience the internet throughout a normal day in your life. Sure, you might spend some time browsing the web at your desk, but today’s world is busier and more fast-paced than…

Industry Philosophy