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industry philosopy

Why Can't I Fly My Drone There?

One of our commercially-certified pilots, David, explains why the FAA has some pretty specific rules regarding where drones can and cannot fly. But also explains how we are here to help!…

Industry Philosophy

Why Do I Need a Location Scout?

On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., Josh explains why pre-shoot planning days like location scouts are super important for our team and ensure that we are 100% prepped and ready when we arrive on…

Industry Philosophy

Do You Still Have My Footage?

Weeks? Months? Years? Exactly how long do we keep your footage on our servers? Jeffrey has the answer for you on today's Lights. Camera. Answers.…


You Need A Video, Now What?

You need a video. Now What? Every video project is different. But here at PEG, we are going to work with you to answer a few basic questions when kicking off a new video project.…

Industry Philosophy

5 Ways to Break Through a Creative Block

A wall that creates such a block that it seems easier to go back down and give up than to push forward. What do you do when you arrive at such a point? Here are five ways I use for breaking through those creative blocks.…

Industry Philosophy

Why Is Stock Footage Not included In My Cost?

On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., James explains why items like potential costs for stock photos or stock footage aren't finalized until the very end of the video project.…