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Drone Moves Glossary (With Examples)

It’s no secret that we love our drone here at PEG. She even has a name. We’ve nicknamed her Pegasus, or Peggy for short. And as we've said many times before, drone shots bring a dynamic feeling to…

Industry Philosophy

4 Storytelling Devices that Work

When we set out to develop a video concept, it’s often our goal to come up with something as unique as possible. Something the viewer has never seen before. But sometimes you have to take a step back,…

Industry Philosophy

Creating Authentic Emotion In Videos

“I’m not crying, you’re crying!”Ah, don’t be afraid to admit it! That’s what we producers are aiming (and hoping) for! We love hearing that simple phrase after seeing a first cut to a video we do. And…

Industry Philosophy

Video Costs: Maximizing Your Money

Maximizing your money is important for any project, and we know video is no different.In my last blog entry, which you can find right over here, I discussed what factors go into the price of a video…

Industry Philosophy

Video Costs: What Goes Into A Quote

When you reach out to PEG to do a project, it sets in motion a carefully refined process. Early in that process, often (but not always) after some early discovery and potentially some concepting, it…

Industry Philosophy

Video Terms Glossary

Video terms can sometimes feel like a different language. So, our team put together this glossary of common lingo to help everyone understand what we talk about everyday.Is our list missing a video…

Industry Philosophy