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My Editing Playlist: Jeffrey

I, like most editors, pop up a playlist as soon as I get into a part of a project where I just need to focus and get through a specific area. My listening choices fall into two categories, podcasts and music.…

Industry Philosophy

Why Music Matters

As editors, we have many tools at our disposal when it comes to creating the mood for a video. The style in which it was shot, the effects and graphic treatment that we use and the voiceover, are all…

Industry Philosophy

Choosing The Right Voiceover

When you’re watching a movie, commercial, or a product video, you’re taking in a lot of information visually. You see the graphics, the animations, the sequence of shots, and you process that…

Industry Philosophy

Tools of the Trade - Software

Here at PEG, we have plenty of tools that we use to get our jobs done. They aren’t all just nice cameras or accessories though. We also have an arsenal of programs we all use on a day-to-day basis to…

Industry Philosophy