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2018 IDEA Conference Recap

Last week, we were fortunate to attend our first IDEA Conference in Indianapolis, which was an incredible experience. IDEA (short for Information Display and Entertainment Association) is a yearly…

Industry Philosophy / Sports

How It's Made: Trick Golf Shot

PEG Creative Director, Jeffrey Pritt, walks through how our team used After Effects to create a trick golf shot for a Veroot Brand Video.…


Maximizing Your Video Dollars

Video can be a big investment in both time and money. Our job as a video production company is to make sure that both those investments get the largest return possible. With that in mind, there are…

Industry Philosophy

How It's Made: Why Not Akron? Crowd Addition

Take a look behind the curtain into the world of post-production! In this episode of How It's Made, Jeffrey walks us through how our team used After Effects to turn an empty theatre into a full crowd…


Your Brand As A Media Company

The importance of video in your marketing plan is growing every single year. We don’t need to bore you with the same stats you’ve seen time and time again for you to know that. Brands and companies…

Industry Philosophy