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My Editing Playlist: James

Often times when I’m working on something creative, I’ll listen to music, a podcast or even just have something playing in the background.…

Company Culture

Iconic Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Commercials are always the talk of the office the day after the big game. And while I might not work in our creative team, so I will leave any critiques about cinematography or special…

Industry Philosophy

Celebrating 10 Years of PEG

Yesterday, we officially celebrated our 10 year anniversary. That means it has been 10 years since Jeffrey and I founded PEG back on October 15th, 2008. We’ve been through a lot over those 10 years,…

Company Culture / News

How It's Made: Phone Flip Effect

PEG Creative Director, Jeffrey Pritt, walks through how our team used After Effects and Cinema 4D to turn a real cell phone into an animated transition for a GE Intelligent Buildings video.…


Tips for Being on Camera

So, It's Your First Time Being on Camera In video, one of the first questions is “how do we tell the story”. In a narrative piece, that is typically done with actors delivering lines, but in the…

Industry Philosophy