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Selecting the Right Music Track

What’s the first sense that you associate with video? Most would likely say sight, especially in today’s world of scrolling through social media and being bombarded by a barrage of content. By…

Industry Philosophy

My Creative Inspiration: David

What’s my inspiration? Everything that gets posted in our “video inspiration” channel on slack, obviously. A more serious answer? Everything in the world around me.…

Company Culture

Thoughts From My First IDEA Conference

Since I started here at PEG, there had been discussion about the IDEA conference. I’d heard so many things about the fun things you get to do, the awesome content you get to consume and the great…

News / Sports

My Editing Playlist: David

Uttering the words “Hey siri, play some music” is how I like to start most of my days. Notice how I said “some” music and not anything specific. You see, I like surprises in life. …

Company Culture

2019 IDEA Conference Recap

Another year of the IDEA Conference is officially in the books and it was another phenomenal experience! The team at IDEA puts on an incredible conference every year and this year in San Diego was definitely no exception. …

Industry Philosophy / News