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cleveland video production

Gear Up Minute: Strain Relief

In this week's Gear Up Minute, PEG Production Specialist, Josh Kuss, explains how taking strain off a cable can prevent damage to cables, ports, cameras and more while on a video shoot. Take it away,…


Gear Up Minute: Path Taping

On this episode of Gear Up Minute, Josh and Jeffrey talk about the importance of path taping and cable safety on shoots. 60 seconds... and GO!…


Gear Up Minute: Cable Wrapping

In this new Gear Up Series, PEG Team members will share quick gear tips in under 60 seconds.First up, Production Specialist Josh Kuss, will show how to properly wrap your cables and keep them from…


PEG Update July 2017

Time for another PEG Update! Check out everything we had going on in the month of July.…